5 reasons why an education in virtues is the best choice for your child

Education in virtues is centered on the principles of the Catholic church. It teaches children moral responsibilities from a young age. An example would be to help them differentiate between right and wrong from an early age. It is a curriculum that supports people, or in this case children, as they learn and practice virtues.

An education in virtues helps children to naturally add and practice virtue in their daily lives. The education in virtue programme is based on the gifts and virtues of the Holy Spirit and it has resources and materials that are easy to use and helpful in everyday life.

1. A purposeful life

It is the way of life that every human is supposed to live by. Education in virtue helps children find the meaning of their lives and be purposeful in their affairs. Over time, the child will learn and cultivate habits that are helpful to them and society. It helps them have a focus right from preschool which guides them throughout adulthood. 

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2. Beneficial to their mental and physical health

The topic of mental health is making waves in the world because of the increasing rate of mental health issues that affect wellness and physical lives. Education in virtue teaches children faith in God which helps them know they can overcome challenges. Cultivate empathy and resilience gives balance to our minds and hearts. The kids learn to forgive which is scientifically proven to improve health, promote agelessness, and long life. Studies in positive psychology and interpersonal neurobiology prove that human beings of all ages live better lives when they practice an integrated way of life.

3. Humanity

Education in virtue teaches children kindness and value for all human life at an early age. It helps them understand that we are all created equal despite racial, educational, religious, and other differences that stand in the way of unity. They learn to care for others and to be thoughtful of their feelings. Additionally, preschoolers attending LSS will learn through the virtues on how to react in stressful situations without hurting themselves or others’ feelings.

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4. Happiness

The search for happiness is a key part of human life. Education in virtue gives children the freedom to be happy while living their best lives. They find joy in everything around them and not just what makes other people happy. Children become joyful learners and positive contributors to society. 

5. Outstanding Performance

A child isn’t only outstanding when he or she achieves excellent academic grades. An outstanding child has a firm foundation in all helpful aspects of life. Such a child has teachers who are willing to help him or her in academics and in encouraging them to utilize their God-given talents. 

Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse is a preschool in Singapore that incorporates the education in virtue programme to teach and guide children in their formative years. Children learn respect, care, gratitude, empathy, and attitude to become the best version of themselves now and in the future.

Contact us today for any questions concerning our education in virtues curriculum and how it functions.


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