A Day at LSS

As one of the early attendees in school, I read, play with my friends who are also early risers, and observe the intricacies of our garden beds. This pre-breakfast routine offers a distinctive and exciting start to our day, akin to a daily mini adventure.
I have breakfast with my friends, where we take turns to share what we did at home after returning from school.
After breakfast, we all gather for assembly – it is our special time for songs, praise and worship, and prayers. Saying 'Hi' to my friends is awesome, but the best part is starting my day by being grateful for God's love.
We eagerly participate in outdoor activities under the sun, thoughtfully organized by our teachers. There are also thrilling gardening activities scheduled for specific days that we can't wait to participate in!
Following these, we are divided into smaller groups to select a centre activity that I can work on either collaboratively with a friend or independently. Once I complete an activity, I move on to a different centre. The centre's activities cover various areas such as Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery and Nature, Art Appreciation and Creative Expression, as well as Construction.
Following that, we take a break for lunch with my friends and teachers.
I switch into my PE Attire for naptime, during which teachers read a storybook to us. After lunch, friends on the half-day program head home. I take a nap to rest and recharge, preparing for more enjoyable activities after nap.
We stow away our mattresses and pillows and gather for our delightful snack session. If I don't feel the need for snacks, I can also engage in reading activities with my friend.
As part of our "Blooms in Action" programme, an extension of our afternoon curriculum, each day brings a unique and exciting opportunity for exploration and learning. On Mondays, the focus is on exploring diverse cultures and countries, fostering a broader understanding of the world. Tuesdays offer the hands-on and imaginative experience of messy play, providing a creative outlet for discovery. Wednesdays are dedicated to cookery adventures, allowing me to immerse myself in the world of flavours and culinary delights. Thursdays bring captivating science experiments, sparking curiosity and discovery in the realm of scientific exploration. Finally, Fridays promise engaging sessions in drama and music, adding an artistic and expressive dimension to my learning journey. With each day presenting a distinctive adventure, the "Blooms in Action" program ensures a well-rounded and enriching experience for me.
5.00pm – 7.00pm
We come together with our friends from other classes, engaging in activities such as reading and playing, before bidding farewell for the day.

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