Monthly Preschool Fees

3 Hours
6 Hours


$390 to $609

PR & Foreigners: 

Up to $1,070 

*depending on age of child and centre


capped at $760 + GST

PR & Foreigners: 

$770 to $1,284

*depending on age of child and centre

$250 to $400

*depending on age of child and centre

$750 to $800

*depending on age of child and centre

Government subsidies applicable for Singaporean children registered in childcare centres

For more details on the fees and type of preschool programmes offered by each centre, visit our individual centre pages. 

Subsidies (applicable for childcare only)

a) Basic Subsidy: Higher amount if the applicant is working

b) Additional Subsidy

Criteria for subsidy: 

  1. You are a mother working at least 56 hours a month
  2. your child is a Singaporean Citizen
  3. Your child is enrolled with us, an ECDA-licensed infant care  / child care in Singapore. 
  4. The total gross monthly income (including bonuses, commissions, overtime pay, allowances and before CPF deduction) earned by you and your spouse is $12,000 and below
Working Applicant
Non-working Applicant
Basic Subsidy
Additional Subsidy
Basic Subsidy
Additional Subsidy
Up to $467

Preschool Calendar



Open Mondays to Saturdays except public holidays

Follows MOE’s School Calendar

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