– Administrative Matters


Fees & Support – Financial Support

Please approach your child care centre personnel who will assist you with the application for preschool subsidies.


Who is eligible to receive ECDA subsidies?

All applicants for Singapore Citizen children are eligible for Basic Subsidy. Additional Subsidy is only available to applicants for Singapore Citizen children a) who are working at least 56 hours per month and b) whose gross monthly household income is $12,000 and below or per capita income is $3,000 and below.


What other financial support schemes are available?

ECDA provides a number of financial support schemes. You can find more details here: https://www.ecda.gov.sg/parents/subsidies-financial-assistance


What is Baby bonus and can it be used at your centres?

You may use the Baby Bonus cash gift and the funds in the Child Development Account (CDA) where the government matches dollar-for-dollar contributions to defray childcare expenses.

CDA payments can be made for the monthly school fees at all our centres.


Do you accept students who are Singapore PRs or Foreigners?

We welcome students who are Singapore PRs or foreigners. Since these students are not eligible for basic subsidies, their fees differ from those of Singaporean students. For more detailed information, please reach out to the centres directly.


Are all Little Shepherds’ SchoolHouses under the same management?

Yes, all our centres are operated under the same management team, following identical curriculum and programmes. We are not a franchise.


How do I find a Little Shepherds’ SchoolHouse with vacancies?

Feel free to express your interest through our website, and our enrolment officer will get in touch with you shortly.


What should I do if there are no vacancies at my preferred centre?

You will be added to the waitlist and notified when a vacancy becomes available. Alternatively, you may explore other centres with immediate openings. We want to reassure all parents that the learning environments at every centre are crafted based on the same six principles, ensuring consistency across all Little Shepherds’ SchoolHouse centres, regardless of your chosen location for your child.


What are the enrollment periods?

Enrolment for placements in Little Shepherds’ SchoolHouse is open all year round, depending on vacancy availability. Registration may be submitted up to 12 months before your child’s preferred enrolment date.


How do I arrange for a visit or tour at my preferred preschool centre?

Feel free to schedule a tour by submitting your booking through our website. Our staff will reach out to you promptly to coordinate the details of the tour.


How does the school keep parents updated on the progress of my child?

We strongly believe that optimal outcomes for our children can be achieved through a robust home-school partnership. Parents will be invited to sign up for ClassDojo, providing easy access to updates on their children’s development and learning activities at the centre. This app also enables parents to receive information about key events and announcements. In addition to regular communication, teachers engage with parents through teacher-parent meetings held twice a year.


Parents can also communicate with teachers during pick up and drop off time but are encouraged to make appointments to see the teachers for longer discussions.


This would be my child’s first time at a school. Can I accompany the child to the centre?

We encourage parents to accompany their child during the first two days of school, depending on the child’s age and how quickly they settle in. Once the child starts interacting with other children, it’s advisable to leave and allow them to settle down on their own. Prolonged parental presence may make the adjustment more challenging, as the child may take a longer time to overcome separation anxiety.


Give your child a period of 2 weeks to 1 month to adapt to the new routine. Throughout this adjustment period, regular communication between parents and teachers is crucial. Parents can utilize the mobile app to easily communicate with the teachers.


Are school bus services available?

Do approach your preferred centre to find out more.


– Programme and Curriculum


What does the daily routine for my child at school entail?

A day at Little Shepherds’ SchoolHouse encompasses educational activities, wholesome meals, and delightful learning experiences. Sample timetables for each programme are available here (insert link) for your reference.


What is the teacher-child ratio?

As per ECDA regulations, programmes for different age groups must have sufficient provision of qualified teaching staff to meet the minimum teacher-child ratios as follows:


Infant: 1:5

Pre-Nursery: 1:8

Nursery 1: 1:12

Nursery 2: 1:15

Kindergarten 1: 1: 20

Kindergarten 2: 1:25


Do you have enrichment classes?

No. Nevertheless, the children will participate in the “Blooms in Action” programme, an extension of the afternoon curriculum. This programme encompasses five distinct themes, each assigned to a specific day of the week. Cultural lessons take place every Monday, Messy Play every Tuesday, Cookery every Wednesday, Science Experiments every Thursday, and Dramatization, Music, and Dance every Friday.


Do you have physical activities every day?

We incorporate daily physical activities for all levels, conducted either indoors or outdoors. The duration typically ranges from 40 minutes to 1 hour, depending on their level.


What Mother Tongue languages do you offer?

At present, Chinese is the sole mother tongue language offered in all our centres. The curriculum is highly comprehensive, presenting a valuable opportunity for our non-Chinese children to acquire a third language during their time at school. We are glad to share that many of our parents have expressed delight at their children picking up the Chinese language well, while they work to reinforce their mother tongue language at home.

My child has a developmental delay/ has special needs. Can he/ she enrol in Little Shepherds’ SchoolHouse?

As a preschool that promotes diversity and embraces inclusivity, we do accept children with additional needs on a case by case basis. An assessment of the child’s suitability will be necessary, and we may request detailed information from parents and the child’s doctor before providing further guidance.


– Nutrition


What does the meal at school look like for your child?

We offer well-balanced and nutritious meals that align with the Health Promotion Board guidelines, promoting healthy eating habits among preschoolers. We strictly follow its guidelines, so you can rest assured that our food is healthy and nutritious for children.


My child is a fussy eater/ eats very slow. How can the centre help to ensure that my child takes his meals in school?

Our teachers will work with the child to gradually encourage them to explore various types of food and cuisines, providing regular updates to parents on their progress. By employing positive reinforcement strategies, we have witnessed successful outcomes in motivating children to take pleasure in their meals.


Do you provide vegetarian food? Can I pack food for my child if they are vegetarian?

Our preschools do not currently offer vegetarian meals. Kindly inform the Centre Leader of your child’s dietary requirements during registration, and we will provide you with appropriate guidance.


Can I bring my own food?

Unfortunately, we cannot permit children to bring their own food unless it is due to medical or special dietary requirements. This policy is in place to enable us to monitor the food that our children consume, particularly in the event of incidents such as food poisoning. If your child has any dietary concerns, please discuss them with the Centre Leader to explore how we can provide appropriate support.


Are your centres’ kitchens HALAL-certified?

Currently, the kitchens in our centres where meals are prepared are not HALAL-certified. However, we want to assure you that we strictly avoid the preparation of pork, lard, or beef in these kitchens.


Teachers and Principals


What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Our teaching staff members are certified by ECDA and are qualified early childhood professionals, holding degrees or diplomas in the Early Childhood discipline.


Where are your teachers from?

Chinese teachers comprise a mix of local and foreign teachers from China, while English teachers consist of a blend of local and foreign teachers from the Philippines. All of these educators hold ECDA certification and possess qualifications as early childhood professionals.


Safety, Health and Hygiene


What measures are there to ensure children’s safety and well-being at the centres?

Some measures that each centre has in place are as follows:


  •   Daily health checks every morning when the child arrives at the centre
  •   Only authorised guardians are allowed to pick up the child
  •   All entrances and exits are closed at all times and latches locked
  •   External visitors to the centre are to be accompanied by centre staff
  •   Children are to be in their Little Shepherds’ SchoolHouse uniforms at the centre and during outdoor activities and excursions, to help in easy identification of our children at all times
  •   Ensure air quality is well above government-stipulated standards
  •   Toys, mattresses, and lesson resources are regularly cleaned and disinfected


We are committed to creating an environment where children not only are safe but also feel safe. Every staff member is well-informed about their responsibility to prioritize the safety and well-being of each child, making it a primary focus in all our activities.


What happens if my child is ill?

If your child is unwell, we strongly recommend refraining from bringing him/her to the centre. This precautionary measure is in place to safeguard the well-being of other children and staff, as well as to prevent the further spread of viruses.


If your child needs to be administered medicine while under our care, parents are required to complete a “Medication Record Form” beforehand. Our centre staff will only administer medication that is directly prescribed for the child by a registered medical practitioner.

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