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Are you interested in pursuing a rewarding and enjoyable career in early childhood education? Consider applying to join Little Shepherds’ SchoolHouse! At Little Shepherds’ SchoolHouse, we strongly believe that cultivating a nurturing environment with an emphasis on relationships creates a vibrant learning atmosphere for both children and educators. We advocate for mutual respect for individual needs while creating avenues for personal growth. 

The work we undertake here is significant, and we extend a warm invitation to individuals who share the same values. Join us, and together, we can cultivate connections that have a lasting impact on parents, teachers, and children alike.

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If you have a background in early childhood education and you’re passionate about
children, come join the Little Shepherd’s Schoolhouse family!

A Day at LSS - Reading and Playing conducted by LSS Preschool teacher. Join us today!

To apply for our career positions, send in your CVs and relevant qualifications to