Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse opens at St Francis of Assisi, Jurong West

Nature inspired

Welcome to our newly opened Jurong West centre, where children have their classrooms amongst nature. Classroom doors open up to a natural play space where children get to enjoy learning outdoors.

Learning is a dynamic process of acquiring and interweaving new knowledge and skills. 

Our environment, activities and contents in the curriculum provide opportunities for children to learn using varying intelligences to develop their competencies.

The natural play space is made mainly with natural elements such as sand, wood, trees, and plants. These help our children make sense of their learning and apply knowledge in practice. 

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About us

Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse is a preschool in Singapore that incorporates the education in virtue programme to teach and guide children in their formative years. Children learn respect, care, gratitude, empathy, and attitude to become the best version of themselves now and in the future.

Our joyful learners participate in hands-on activities, internalise and transform information and new knowledge to a higher level of understanding.

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