Our Curriculum

LSS experience - students in their learning environment

Our LSS curriculum offers a comprehensive, enquiry-based approach to learning and teaching, grounded in a deep understanding of children’s overall development.

Anchored in the Education in Virtue ® curriculum developed by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, and structured on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, our children learn resilience, creativity and a sense of responsibility towards shaping a better future.

By building meaningful connections between local and global contexts, LSS enables them to navigate complexity with confidence and take purposeful action towards positive change.

Our Curriculum Framework

The LSS Curriculum fosters dynamic learning experiences to empower the children as active learners across six key areas: Language and Literacy, Logical Mathematics, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Discovery and Nature, Motor Sensory Integration, and Social and Emotional Development. These areas are seamlessly integrated into daily activities, fostering an ongoing connection with the school, family, and community.

Our supportive and collaborative environment serves as a living classroom, enabling the children to contextualize their learning through real-world experiences. Quality interactions with peers and caring teachers facilitate scaffolded learning, encouraging our children to ask questions, communicate their discoveries, and derive meaning from their experiences. Character formation, embedded within the curriculum, inspires a love for learning and encourages positive personal development, fostering holistic growth in them.

Logical Mathematics

Developing children’s abilities to relate mathematical concepts to everyday life and use them effectively to reason, create solutions and draw logical conclusions.

Social Emotional Development

Developing children’s character, building on virtues and nurturing habits and dispositions through Education in Virtue ®
LSS experience-Curriculum Framework

Motor Sensory Integration

Developing children’s abilities to integrate sensory and motor inputs and use them effectively in everyday activities encompassing spatial and body awareness, balance, movement, dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

Discovery & Nature

Developing children’s curiosity to make sense of the world through active exploration, interaction and experiences enabling them to learn and appreciate the environment and diversity of nature.

Language & Literacy

Developing children’s receptive, expressive and literacy skills in communication and meaning-making through authentic and creative approaches enabling them to be effective communicators with others and the world.

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

Developing children’s creativity, visual and performing arts through engagement in art, drama, music and movement.

Our Spaces

The three spaces are created for the children to have a space in their hearts to know God. These spaces also represent the spiritual space and invisible chapel, drawn from the Catholic deposit of faith and the magisterium, for our children to build their faith, celebrate Christian mystery, know the life of Christ and live a life of prayers.

In these Spaces, the teachers journey with the children to follow the events in God’s salvation history, know His Word and live a life of virtues in accordance to His Word.

The Peace Space

Within our school, three distinct spaces guide them through the grand narrative of God’s salvation plan. The Peace Space, nestled in a quiet corner of the classroom, invites them to pause, reflect, and connect with their inner selves. It is a sanctuary of tranquillity, separate from the hustle of the classroom, where they find solace and contemplate the spiritual teachings we encounter.

The God Space

The God Space transforms their understanding of Biblical narratives. Using specially crafted resources, our teachers bring biblical stories to life, making them fun and engaging. These sessions are not just about learning; they aim to instil in our children a love for God and His teachings, nurturing their faith as we grow.

The Sacred Space

The Sacred Space, a post-assembly ritual, is a time of gratitude and communal prayer. Here, our children express their personal intentions for their family, teachers and friends, give thanks for their blessings, and receive the guidance and blessings of the teachers as they embark on the day ahead.