Our Curriculum

Key Learning Areas

Logical Mathematics

Motor-sensory integration

Discovery & Nature

Aesthetics & Creative expression

Language & Literacy

Social & Emotional Development

The LSS Curriculum provides dynamic learning experiences to empower children as active learners through six learning areas: Language and Literacy, Logical Mathematics, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Discovery and Nature, Motor Sensory Integration and Social and Emotional Development. Daily activities integrate all these areas in an ongoing interrelationship with the school, family and community. 

Our supportive and collaborative environment provides a living classroom that allows children to make sense of their learning through real world experiences. Quality interactions are encouraged among peers and with caring teachers to scaffold the children’s learning as they form questions, communicate their findings and make meaning of their experiences. Through character formation in the building of virtues within the curriculum, children are inspired to embrace the love of learning and are enabled to adopt positive changes in achieving a holistic development.

Curriculum Framework

Logical Mathematics

Developing children’s abilities to relate mathematical concepts to everyday life and use them effectively to reason, create solutions and draw logical conclusions.

Social Emotional Development

Developing children’s character, building on virtues and nurturing habits and dispositions through Education in Virtue ®

Motor Sensory Integration

Developing children’s abilities to integrate sensory and motor inputs and use them effectively in everyday activities encompassing spatial and body awareness, balance, movement, dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

Discovery & Nature

Developing children’s curiosity to make sense of the world through active exploration, interaction and experiences enabling them to learn and appreciate the environment and diversity of nature.

Language & Literacy

Developing children’s receptive, expressive and literacy skills in communication and meaning-making through authentic and creative approaches enabling them to be effective communicators with others and the world.

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

Developing children’s creativity, visual and performing arts through engagement in art, drama, music and movement.


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