My LSS Journey

As I became a part of Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse, I also found myself captivated by an environment that went beyond conventional classrooms. Within this captivating realm, curiosity was carefully fostered, exploration was actively promoted, and every moment took on the guise of a thrilling adventure in the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

I participated in a project where we used saws to cut bamboo and skilfully wove coconut leaves, to make a kampung house. What brought me considerable satisfaction was not solely the completion of the kampong house but the comprehensive engagement in each step of the process—learning, creating, and more. Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse distinguished itself not merely as an educational institution with traditional classrooms; rather, it transformed every lesson into a purposeful exploration, each activity into an opportunity for experimentation, and every notable achievement into a moment of professional fulfilment.
LSS Journey - learning values beyond the classroom
LSS Journey - students having fun through role playing and understanding cultural tolerance
In a bustling city like Singapore, where everyone seemed to be racing towards academic success, I discovered a haven at Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse. At Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse, they believed that being successful was not just about getting good grades. It was about who you are inside, about having a strong character. This notion intrigued me because, amidst the intricate challenges of the world, it appeared to be a powerful tool for navigating life with grace and virtue.

They had a programme called EiV (Education in Virtue). I found out that EiV was not just something they talked about; it was woven into everything we did at school. It was in our lessons, in our game activities, and even in our daily conversations. We learned about Gratitude, Respect, Attitude, Care, and Empathy—qualities that made us more considerate in our daily lives.

What thrilled me the most was the dynamic approach to learning these virtues. It wasn’t confined to dull books; instead, we were engaged in exciting activities, participated in lively discussions, and even acted out real-life scenarios. This hands-on method felt like a practical navigation guide for real-life challenges, helping us make thoughtful choices, instilling a sense of responsibility, and unravelling the significance of honesty in a way that truly stuck.

In another heart-warming experience, we got to interact with elderly residents at Apex Harmony Lodge, a home for persons with dementia. We engaged in various activities, like gardening, where we worked side by side with our elder friends.

One of the most exciting parts of this intergenerational Programme was when we all worked together to cultivate and harvest crops. As we tended to the garden with our elderly friends, we not only learned about sustainability but also discovered the rewards of patience and teamwork. It was like a real-life lesson about the importance of working together and taking care of our environment.

We took the crops we harvested and, with the guidance of the elderly residents, had a communal cooking session. It was a chance for them to share their cultural traditions and stories. It felt like we were part of something bigger—a community that learns from one another, appreciates differences, and grows together.

I believe that enrollment in Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse transcends the conventional concept of attending school. It entails embarking on a personal journey to uncover the optimal version of oneself. The institution is not solely focused on imparting academic knowledge; rather, it is dedicated to fostering practical life skills. This perspective, for me, represents the authentic adventure.

LSS Journey - students interacting with the elderly

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