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Our holistic programme caters for children ages 18 months to 6 years. 

Kindergarten 1
Kindergarten 2

Pre-Nursery is the entry level for LSS children aged 18 to 36 months. This is the foundational stage for building awareness of self, interacting with others and the environment, as the children develop and make sense of the world around them. Their holistic development in language, cognitive, physical and social emotional domains are supported by a caring environment with enriching experiences. Well-planned care-giving routines promote a sense of security. Dynamic activities contribute to the children’s active learning and development in motor sensory, language, communication, and cognitive skills. Developing social awareness and building relationships, their formation prepares them for the next stage of their development.

The Nursery level caters to children aged 4 years old. Children at this level continue to build on their learning and development in all the six learning areas. Language and literacy skills in both English and Mother Tongue (Chinese) are further developed through meaningful and engaging experiences which encourage their functional and effective use in everyday life. Aesthetics and creative expressions are enhanced through experiences in art, music, movement and drama. Logical mathematical concepts and their functional relationships in everyday life are developed through constructive experiences. The children’s character formation continues to develop through Education in Virtue® which drives their social and emotional development.

At the Kindergarten 1 level for children aged 5 years, their growth in knowledge and skills in the six learning areas extend in scope and experience. Their competencies in bilingual language and literacy, logical mathematical concepts and relationships, creative expressions, investigative processes and understanding of the natural environment and how things work, management of self and social awareness, as well as increasing mastery of their abilities in motor sensory skills continue to develop and translate into effective practice.

The LSS journey of Joyful Learners culminates in the final year of Kindergarten Two level for children aged 6 years. Ample opportunities to extend and expand the children’s development in the six learning areas are provided to nurture their growth as active and independent learners and individuals well-formed, having internalised the habitus of virtue, are able to view themselves in relationship to the world. Empowered by their enhanced competencies in bilingual language and literacy, logical mathematical applications, artistic and creative expressions, investigative processes and logical solutions, self and relationship management, and well-developed motor sensory integrative functions, they are enabled to move on to the primary years.


Full day or Half day

Full day: 7am to 7pm

Half day: 7am to 1pm

Subsidised rates available for Singaporean or PR parents

Capped at $760 / month (without GST) for Singaporeans

For Children ages 18 months to 6 years old


ranges from 3 – 6 hours

*School hours differ depending on centre

No subsidised rates 

Range of fees – differs from centre to centre depending on age and duration

For Children ages 18 months to 6 years old

For more details on the fees and type of preschool programmes offered by each centre, visit our individual centre pages. 

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