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About LSS - Little shepherds' schoolhouse preschool

Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse (LSS) is more than a school; we are a space dedicated to nurturing faith and character development. The tapestry of our community and service-oriented ethos is woven into the observance and celebration of Church feast days and liturgical seasons. Prayer, a cornerstone of our school life, threads through our days, fostering an environment steeped in reverence.

At LSS, our children embark on a journey of exploration, acquiring knowledge, understanding concepts, and honing essential skills while cultivating a joy for learning. This holistic approach equips them not only to thrive academically but also to become compassionate, globally-minded individuals who can transform themselves and actively contribute to their communities and the world.

Every Child a Joyful Learner

To inspire love for learning and grow in virtues in harmony with self, the environment and society
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Our Core Values


To appreciate the efforts made by others


To show positive regard for all creation, accepting them as they are


To act with prudence, temperance, fortitude and justice


To express love and concern for family, community and the world


To discern and be thoughtful of the feelings of others

The curriculum at Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse is thoughtfully designed to create inspirational learning experiences that will cultivate GRACE in children.


LSS students playing games conducted by their teacher
LSS students having fun at the playground

As educators, we have the privilege to be a part of this journey and guide children to extend the skills they learn in the classrooms to the wider community. At Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse, we form the bridge that connects the learning of today to the purpose of the future.


Welcome to the Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse, owned and managed by an approved charity, the Catholic Preschool Education (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

Our name may be new, but each and every of our centres has been in operation individually for many years now, with generations of our young having passed through its portals.

By coming together as a group, we aspire to make the kids under our care, joyful learners, while preparing them for their future education. We want to inspire in them the love for learning and contribute to their growth in virtues, in harmony with self, the environment and society. Our team of dedicated professionals will work closely with our parents to realise this vision and mission.

Beyond meeting ECDA’s educational requirements, the Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse curriculum focuses on building our kids’ body, mind and heart, and spirituality for sustainability. Our kids come from different socioeconomic, ethnic and religious backgrounds, thus creating a vibrant and enriching learning environment.

Thank you for choosing to be part of the Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse learning community

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