Parents' Testimonials

Sukumar Sugirtha's testimonials for LSS

Sukumar Sugirtha

Parent of Kumaravel Sugirtha Kartikeyan

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@Church of St Anthony

“Thanks to Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse for the continuous support and professional guidance throughout my child’s entire school journey. I am sincerely grateful to Teacher Zheng Laoshi, Wang Laoshi, Zhang Laoshi, as well as the cook and aunty for their invaluable assistance to my child. I have witnessed my child’s growth in both academic and social skills. He feels confident in undertaking every single task, striving to give his best independently while receiving guidance from the principal and teachers at Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse.”

Lee Hui Zhong Vanda Cristal, Parents Of Nathan Tan Jun Yi - testimonials for LSS

Lee Hui Zhong Vanda Cristal

Parents of Nathan Tan Jun Yi

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@ Church of St Francis of Xavier

“My son, Nathan, joined Playgroup at LSS SFX, and from day one, I knew he was in good hands. All the staff are not only warm towards the children, but they also take pride in what they do. Their personalized and nurturing approach allows the children to unfold at their own pace and encourages independent exploration. I particularly value the emphasis placed on instilling positive values and maintaining a secure and encouraging learning environment.

A special note of gratitude to the principals, Ms. Angeline (former) and Ms. Angela (current), for consistently being hands-on and reassuring. Additionally, my heartfelt thanks to Ms. Tina and Han Lao Shi for their unwavering patience and loving care towards Nate!”

Ruth Loh Xiu Parent Of Aviel Navah Tan Yue En - testimonials for Little Shepherds' Schoolhouse preschool

Ruth Loh Xiu

Parent of Aviel Navah Tan Yue En

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@ Church of St Francis of Xavier

“We express immense gratitude for our daughter’s enrollment at LSS, where the serene and nurturing environment, outstanding teachers, and excellent principal have made her educational journey truly remarkable. Every morning, our little girl eagerly anticipates going to school, and through engaging activities and play, she not only learns extensively but also discovers joy in both the activities and meals offered. Observing our tiny princess flourish in the safe sanctuary of LSS brings us immeasurable happiness.

We eagerly look forward to witnessing her continued confident growth alongside her supportive teachers and friends. A heartfelt thank you for nurturing our little one and providing the unwavering support she needs to thrive and develop into a strong young lady.”

Mahlini D/O Murugan Parents Of Rudraiyya S/O Aravendiran - testimonials for LSS

Mahlini D/O Murugan

Parents of Rudraiyya S/O Aravendiran

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@St Francis of Assisi - Jurong West

“I am writing this testimonial to express my utmost satisfaction with my child’s preschool and the exceptional teachers who have played a significant role in his development. My experience at the preschool has been nothing short of remarkable, and I highly recommend it to any parent looking for a nurturing and educational environment for their children.

The Little’s Shepherd Schoolhouse Church of St Francis of Assisi boasts a team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers who are passionate about their work.

Each teacher possesses a unique set of skills and approaches, which has greatly enriched my son’s learning experience. They have created a supportive and inclusive classroom environment, ensuring that every child feels valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

The preschool’s curriculum is thoughtfully designed to engage young minds and foster a love for learning. The teachers incorporate a variety of interactive activities, games, and projects to keep children entertained and excited about their educational journey. The curriculum is age-appropriate, ensuring that the children are challenged but not overwhelmed.

What sets the Little’s Shepherd Schoolhouse Church of St Francis of Assisi apart is the individualized attention given to each child. The teachers take the time to understand each child’s unique strengths and areas where they need improvement. They provide extra support and guidance to each child, ensuring that they progress at their own pace and reach their full potential.

The preschool fosters open lines of communication between parents and teachers. The teachers regularly update us on our son’s progress, share valuable insights, and involve us in decision-making processes. This collaborative approach has allowed us to actively participate in our son’s education and has given us peace of mind knowing that he is receiving the best possible care and guidance.

The Little’s Shepherd Schoolhouse Church of St Francis of Assisi creates a safe and positive environment that fosters a child’s social and emotional growth. The teachers are not only educators but also role models, guiding children in making responsible choices and teaching them valuable life skills. They treat every child with kindness and respect, creating a nurturing atmosphere where children can thrive and develop a sense of self-worth.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to send my son to this preschool. The exceptional teachers, engaging curriculum, individualized attention, strong parent-teacher communication, and the positive and nurturing environment have made a significant difference in our son’s learning and development. I highly recommend the preschool to any parent seeking a high-quality preschool experience for their children.”

Ng Jan Ying Parent Of Ezra Avery Chew & Renae Beatrice Chew - testimonials for LSS

Ng Jan Ying

Parent of Ezra Avery Chew & Renae Beatrice Chew

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@ Church of St Francis of Xavier

“I would highly recommend Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse to any parent looking for a nurturing and educational environment for their child. The teachers exhibit unwavering dedication and care, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere that has greatly benefited both of my young ones, Renae (5) and Ezra (3). The curriculum, thoughtfully designed to encompass academic, social, and physical development, has played a pivotal role in their holistic growth. 

My children have undergone remarkable transformations since their initiation into the preschool, a testament to the love and consistent encouragement they receive from the exceptional staff and teachers. I am sincerely appreciative of the profoundly positive impact the school has had on my children’s early years.”

Alina Low Mei Jia Parent Of Seah Jun Le Ignatius - testimonials for LSS

Alina Low Mei Jia

Parent of Seah Jun Le Ignatius

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@ Church of St Francis of Xavier

“As Catholics, enrolling our son in a Catholic preschool held paramount importance for us. We are glad that the teachers and staff at LSS are caring and committed to the children. Our son’s genuine love for going to school has flourished within the conducive and comfortable environment provided by LSS. We appreciate the constant updates and feedbacks from his teachers and principal, which has been beneficial for his growth and development. 

We maintain a deep trust that he will persist in relishing his learning journey at school, and we eagerly anticipate enrolling our daughter there when she reaches the appropriate age.”

Ong Siru Parent Of Lois Low Luyi, testimonials for LSS

Ong Siru

Parent of Lois Low Luyi

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@Church of St Anthony

“Our daughter is currently enrolled in K1 at LSS @ Church of St. Anthony. She relishes her school experience and consistently shares with us the activities she participates in. We are delighted to witness her positive interactions with classmates, such as their warm greetings through hugs and smiles. It’s evident that the school team is dedicated to actively involving the students and cultivating a setting that is both enjoyable and respectful.”

Mrs Judeana Lim Parent Of Lim Ming De Immanuel - testimonials for LSS

Mrs Judeana Lim

Parent of Lim Ming De Immanuel

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@ Church of St Francis of Xavier

“As devout Catholics, it was imperative for us that our children experience growth within a Catholic school environment, and we can confidently say that we made the right choice. Beyond mathematic concepts, spelling and language acquisition, the children lovingly bloomed hearing stories from the bible, and had the opportunity to be inspired by the saints by acting as in Christian plays. The wonderful teachers, were also kind and patient with the little ones,

and often go beyond ‘drill and practice’ worksheets to make learning come ‘alive’ and experiential for them. For e.g., the children learnt both the value of responsibility and ‘preposition words’ by helping their friends through a mini obstacle course, and had fun with science experiments to learn concepts such as ‘sink’ and ‘float.’

Immanuel eagerly shared about captivating learning journeys, including a visit to the ‘Children Mint Museum of Toys’ and meaningful interactions with seniors in our community. We are profoundly grateful for the nurturing and blessed school environment that provides our little ones with abundant opportunities for growth and development.”

Evangelyn Lynn Chan Parent Of Percival Evandale Chan Kho - proud parent testimonials for LSS

Evangelyn Lynn Chan

Parent of Percival Evandale Chan Kho

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@ Church of the Holy Trinity

“From the beginning, it became apparent that Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse@Church of the Holy Trinity transcends the conventional definition of a school; it is a sanctuary where differences are not only embraced but celebrated. The commitment of the educators to personalized learning plans has left an indelible mark on my child’s educational journey. The transparent communication and collaborative approach with parents have forged a partnership ensuring each child receives the tailored support they require.


What makes Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse@Church of the Holy Trinity truly distinctive is the profound sense of community. The kindness and empathy demonstrated by both staff and students have cultivated an environment where my child feels not merely accepted but genuinely valued. The adherence to Catholic values contributes to an atmosphere of compassion and acceptance, positively influencing my child’s overall well-being.

Beyond its affordability, the inclusivity exemplified by Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse@Church of the Holy Trinity has fostered an environment where every child, regardless of background or financial status, experiences a genuine sense of welcome. This commitment to providing an affordable yet high-quality education ensures that families like ours can afford our children the opportunities they rightfully deserve.

Our decision to select this institution has proven to be an excellent one. We extend our gratitude for being a school where diversity is not only celebrated but where every child is afforded the chance to thrive. We feel privileged to be part of an institution that not only values academic excellence but also recognizes the significance of making education accessible to all.

Thank you for being a beacon of affordability and inclusivity in education! May God bless the entire organization, educators, staff, and students.”

Tiffeny Kua Siew Fong Parent Of Isla Chan Yan Ting - testimonials for LSS

Tiffeny Kua Siew Fong

Parent of Isla Chan Yan Ting

Little Shepherds' SchoolHouse@St Francis of Assisi - Jurong West

“As parents we can only hope to provide a nurturing, caring environment where we can witness our children thrive.

At LSS, we felt the care, respect and love where education and environment supports the growth of our daughter.

Thank you to all the teachers and staff at LSS JW for helping my daughter gain confidence, social skills and values to help her grow.”

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