Why Little Shepherds' Schoolhouse?

Education Through Virtues

Virtues form the building blocks of our children’s character formation. The process of acquiring the habitus of virtue is nurtured and developed through the Little Shepherd’s Schoolhouse journey. 

Learning Through The Environment

Our dynamic and engaging environment provides children with possibilities to stimulate their interest, explore, discover, construct knowledge and skills, create ideas and celebrate their successes. 

Engaging With Communities

The LSS programme provides children with opportunities to interact with various communities such as eldercare homes, children’s homes, museums, the national parks and others. Through these interactions, children engage in meaningful activities to build sustainable relationships.

Celebrating 45+ years of Catholic education in Singapore

Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse offers a trusted curriculum, delivered by qualified and passionate preschool teachers who have on average 10 years and above of experience at our schools. We offer a choice of 11 preschools across the island, with the oldest preschool dating back from 1975.

Parents Testimonials

Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse has played a vital role in the growth & development of our daughter. We have chosen this school for our child because Catholic schools are known for its values learning. The teachers do a good job in nurturing the children’s young mind through their virtues & values education. We are very grateful because our daughter has learned to build her relationship with God & to respect others.

Parents of Beatrix G. Martinez, Kindergarten 1


LSS is a great school for my daughter to learn and to become a better person. She has been studying in LSS for almost two years and now whenever I look at her, oh my she has grown so much and especially during this pandemic time. She already knows what to do and not to do like a grown up, and often tells me that she likes her school very much.

Parent of Anya Ang Zhi, Nursery 

I appreciate how the school embarks on activities where students learn how to give back to the community, instilling a sense of graciousness. These are all great traits that mould a child to be great servant leaders! They should know when to lead, and when to serve. Keep it up!

Parents of Elizabeth Rivera Antony, Nursery


Little Shepherds' Schoolhouse has very outstanding teachers and staff. They carry out their roles with so much passion and commitment, that as parents, we observe our children looking forward to each day at school. We also appreciate the fact that being a Catholic Preschool, our children are taught simple prayers too.

Parents of Abbey & Asher Swee, Pre-Nursery & Nursery

After our first child graduated from Our Lady Star of the Sea Childcare in 2019, we knew we want our second child to attend the same preschool as his brother. The caring teachers and staff always ensure the environment is safe and conducive for the children to grow and learn. The teachers also work closely with parents in the development of the children. The school curriculum imparts important values and instills characters in the children through daily teaching. This is evident in our elder boy even after leaving the school for 2 years. As parents, we know we can continue to trust the centre to help our child grow.

Parents of Joseph Lim, Pre-Nursery

Little Shepherds' Schoolhouse's teaching of values and experiential learning has proved to be a key differentiator among other early childhood education centers. One main motivation for us to transfer our son from his previous school to LSS was an article we saw on the school bulletin about visits to old folks home and the social activities that brought smiles to the faces of elders. This coupled with the teachings of respect, care and love for one another & the environment, bodes well for us especially when we are looking for a school that brings out the best in our child, beyond education. The songs and prayers he learnt in school manifests during playtime and over meals at home - testimony to how much he enjoys in LSS.

Parents of Zachary Lew, Nursery


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